Spawn Upgrade

Thanks to Blue_Raven2468 and her keen eye for detail, our spawn has seen some major upgrades.

New YouTube Channel

As part of our effort to try to generate traffic for our server we have created a YouTube channel that we intend to grow into something that can hopefully drive in new players. Currently we’re just experimenting with different types of content and sharpening our video editing skills. Checkout our first video!

Migrated to new host

Due to the lacking capabilities of off the shelf server hosts we’ve migrated to our own custom dedicated server. It’s a beast of a machine with very high single core performance. The server as a result has seen a significant boost in how smooth and responsive it now feels. We’ve also switched from Spigot to… Read more »

Launch day

The server is live! A lot of improvements still need to be made. Custom plugins are in a working state and the core functionality of the server is intact. Marketing will not take place yet as more polishing needs to be done.