OG factions is about bringing back factions to it’s former glory. Too often you join a factions server, you need to buy a $100 donation rank to even be competitive, you need to spend hours setting up a cactus farm to endlessly grind money the server spawns out of thin air to then purchase spawners that are also spawned out of thin air. So you can then what? TNT cannon someone else’s base and take chests full of Protection X armour that was also spawned out of thin air through pay to win mechanics?

That style of factions completely destroys the whole sandbox element of Minecraft. It turns the game into a linear grind. Playing through vanilla Minecraft or even playing an anarchy server like 2b2t really allows you to appreciate how integral the Sandbox element is to Minecraft’s success.

Put simply, we’re aiming to create an enhanced sandbox experience, not quite as chaotic as an Anarchy server but also no where close to as linear as modern factions.

Player driven economy

We do use an economy plugin and an auction-house plugin to enhance trade. However, all currency can only be obtained by exchanging Diamond or Gold at the exchange rates shown at the reserve bank at spawn. Balance can also be exchanged back into ingots using the same process. What this does is allow players to essentially trade Diamonds for items instantly with other players no matter where they are on the map. This way you don’t even need to mine diamonds, you could purely mine wood and trade it for a miners diamonds. Enhancing the sandbox experience.

Custom TNT cannon functionality

Our custom plugin makes it so you can cannon through water protected bases without needing to hybrid. There is also a built in obsidian breaker. Obsidian has significantly higher durability than any other blocks. When exploding it will turn into deep slate blocks, when the deep slate is exploded it will turn into cracked deep slate and then when exploded again it will blow. This gives obsidian walls approximately 4-5x the health of normal blocks.


Very bare-bones old-school factions plugin.

Silk Touch Spawners

Spawners can be silk touched with a pick-axe to be obtained.

Anti-Xray and Chest ESP

In traditional factions it was very easy to find bases using Freecam, Chest ESP and Xray. We’ve got heavy features in place to stop this. We believe this balances out well with our custom cannon plugin. Cannoning is a lot easier but finding bases is a lot harder. We don’t want you getting raided every night.

Meta Items removal and PVP balance

Most factions servers are “OP factions”. Due to a lack of a better term our server is “UP factions” or “Under-powered factions”. We want players to experiment with different play styles. What’s the point in all those other enchantments if everyone is going to use Sharpness and Protection?

What we’ve changed

  • Protection Enchants have been removed
  • Sharpness Enchants have been removed
  • Regeneration potions cannot be brewed
  • Instant health potions cannot be brewed
  • Golden apples cannot be crafted
  • Totems cannot be obtained

The way we see it. There is no point in having something in the game if it is meta. Grinding all these meta items just to go and lose them in PVP in a matter of seconds does not sound fun. We also do not like the click spam of traditional PVP, relying on breaking armor to even kill your opponent. Just to loot their barely intact armor. We’ve tried to make it more action, less grind.