How to play

At heart we are a Factions server, so if you’re new to Minecraft Factions then you’ll need to learn how it works. The official wiki showing the commands available in the plugin can be found here.

What is a faction and how to create it?

A faction is like a clan or a guild. It enables you to team up with your friends, ally with other factions and protect your land from other players by claiming it.

  • To create a faction use /f create
  • To claim land try /f claim
  • To invite other players try /f invite

For more information try /f help

How does our economy work?

Our economy is completely player based. If you want to sell any items then use the auction house.

  • /ah
  • /ah sell

You’ll need money to use the auction-house. All our money is backed by in-game resources. To exchange them use the federal reserve at spawn. Don’t worry about losing your Diamonds! You can always trade your money back into Diamonds!

How do you raid other players?

Other players bases are claimed using the /f claim command. Due to this you can’t directly break blocks in their claims. To raid them you’ll have to kill them to reduce their power and over-claim. Alternatively, you can create a TNT cannon to blow through their base and get to their chests. The latter is the most popular technique.

How to get back to spawn?

Try /warp spawn

How to get to Nether or the Wilderness?

Find BigFoot at spawn and right click on him to be transported to a random location in the wilderness. To get to the Nether find the EnderPigman and right click. Note: Nether portals do not work.

What else can I do?

Anything, this is a sandbox game and we’ve done our best to maintain that on our server.